I am Annamária Ibos, English teaching superhero.
I have been teaching English for more than 10 years and my superpower is to make English grammar easily understandable.
As a non-native speaker from a very different language family, I know how hard it is to understand and use English grammar. I truly believe that if you love a language you are capable of learning it and speaking it correctly. The key is to make it fun and efficient.

I have BA degree in the field of English philology and C2/Proficiency English Language certificate so I have a deeper look into English grammar that enables me to give you a simple and clear explanation.

My students are mainly those people who would like to master English and would like to be capable of using it on a daily basis. With more than 10 years’ experience in this field I have developed special explanations of English grammar topics. According to my students these explanations are easy to understand and use, moreover save time. Great number of my students has successfully passed different language exams such as TELC, IELTS, Ecl…etc.

I hope you will enjoy my videos and they help you to tame the beast called ’English grammar’.