Are you prepared enough?

Hey YOU! English language examinee!

Are you preparing for intermediate or B2 language exam? Do you think you are prepared?

I don’t think so! I think your grammar knowledge is not enough to pass the intermediate or B2 language exam. How do I know? Well, most of the people who prepare for language exams think that nowadays the exams do not contain language elements or grammar exercises. But this is absolutely FALSE! Even if the tasks do not contain words like “grammar task” or “multiple choice test” I bet the exam itself is full of grammar.

Let me tell you what is going on: the language itself is based on grammar. It is like a skeleton. Grammar is the bones, vocabulary, sentences and phrases are the flesh. That is why you need a very strong knowledge on English grammar if you want to pass the exam.

Have you always hated learning grammar? Do you feel like grammar was a monster which ruins your life? Would you like to defeat this monster and feel free when learning grammar?

You are at the best place! I am Annamária Ibos, English teaching superhero. My superpower is to give you super easy and super clear explanations of English grammar that help you pass the exam easily and kill the grammar monster. I can help you achieve your goal!

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